Thursday, December 18, 2008

Naxxramas 10 man healing tips for the soul! ...*Hack-ACK* Oh! I think I just shot webs out of my nose!

Welcome back to another installment of Way of the Totem. With everyone rolling on up to 80 and getting their badge gear and heroics done. It's time for a foray into Naxxramas! Naxxramas was, in my opinion, one of the best instances ever created. Sadly not very many people got to experience the content and fights that were so ahead of their time. Now however, in what I feel is a truly awesome move, Naxx is your introduction into the world of raiding in Wrath of the Lich King. The zone is broken down into essentially 5 wings. Arachnid Quarter, Construct Quarter, Plague Quarter, Military Quarter and Frostwyrm Lair. There is a grand total of 15 bosses in this zone, all of which were revolutionary for their time. The instance has two settings, normal and heroic. For today we'll just talk about normal 10 man version.

Lets talk about the first wing you should be doing, Arachnid Quarter.

The trash here leading up to the first boss is pretty straight forward... actually throughout the entire wing it is, there's not a whole lot to worry about with the trash. The spiders will curse and poison though. For dealing with the poison I would highly suggest utilizing your Poison Cleansing Totem BUT... wait until the poison is cast. Once the poison is out drop the totem, when it hits, it pulses right away dispelling it for your entire group. Really handy to clean up 5 people with one cast. Dispel curses as they pop up (usually only 1 or 2 at a time) and clear up to the first boss.

Pretty straight forward fight. Stay spread out, keep ES up on the tank, worry only about your personal need totems like Wrath of Air, Mana Spring Totem and Flametongue. Keep max distance from you main tank at all times, especially when he moves the boss around the room.

Lets see if embedding video works!


Pretty straight forward and easy. As far as normal mode drops from this boss, there is two peices I'm fairly certain any shaman will want. This ring and this pair of boots

After you collect your loot from the first boss, it's a quick hop and skip to the next boss Grand Widow Faerlina just double back the way you came, hang a left through the hole in the wall and there you are. You're main problem is to keep poison cleansed, so, same rule as above. Wait till it's cast, and then drop the totem, you can then Cleanse Spirit the stragglers. Chain Heal will be kindda useless here as everyone will be moving to avoid fire, so be prepared to drop a lot of Lesser Healing Waves. Downing her nets you a chance at These Bad Boys

The fight isn't bad, but here's another video for it!

Just roll your heals and keep people clean =D

Next up is Maexxna

Big angry spider! This fight is more of the same, just be prepared to drop your totem to cleanse the poison, but then keep it down. Keep the main tank topped at all times and FULL Earth Shield as well, this way you are prepared for Web Spray. Riptide will keep the cocoon target alive long enough to be broken free and join the raid again. Conserve mana as much as possible because at 30% she enrages. Save your cooldowns for this part. Be ready to pop your Fire Elemental Totem and pop your Heroism / Bloodlust and spam chain heal. Maxxie drops 3 things I think every shaman caster would love to have. This shield is very nice and has a lot of very very good stats on it for both healing and dps. This trinket is the same as my beloved egg, so if you don't want to pony up 40 badges, you can hope for this. Lastly the neck she drops is very nice, again with a solid combination of stats. Here's a video of the encounter for you to enjoy.

Bottom line is this wing is fun, quick, and really Shamans shine here. The mass amounts of AoE poison dispelling makes half of the wing just silly.

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